Communal Resources

The ETC has a number of items available to be loaned to students, faculty, and staff. The items include, for example, Wacom drawing tablets, portable hard drives, video games, video game systems, books, movies, laptops, projectors, microphones, cameras, and more.

If available, these items can be signed out at any time during a semester. The following rules apply when signing out items...

•  The person who signs out an item is financially responsible for that item during its lease. If it is lost, stolen, or damaged, that person must pay for the replacement or repair of the item.

•  Items cannot be signed out while a student is on a Co-op, internship, or otherwise not actively participating in a school semester.

•  Items cannot be signed out to a student who is at an ETC campus that is not the same as where the item resides.

•  Items cannot be signed out to alumni, former staff and faculty, or affiliates.

•  The ETC reserves the right to decide who is allowed to sign out an item if that item is needed for ETC-related purposes and has been requested by more than one person during the same time period. This includes requesting the return of an item before its lease is up.

•  Some items contain multiple pieces (cables, adapters, pens, controllers, cases). The item must be returned with all the pieces that accompanied it when it was signed out. Any such pieces are documented in the comments section of an item's entry in the equipment database.

•  Items must be returned at the end of the specified lease, which is normally two weeks, but differs for some items. After two weeks, the item's lease can be renewed if not requested by anyone else.

•  When returning items, they must be brought back to the place where they were signed out, in person. Items cannot be left outside an office, in a mailbox, or with another person. Until the person who signed the item out to you has signed it back in, the person who signed it out is still responsible for it. This is particularly important to understand in the common scenario where one person gives the item to another person when he or she is finished using it. Since this transaction cannot be tracked, the first person to sign the item out is still responsible.

•  No more than five items total can be signed out at a time.

•  No more than three items from one category can be signed out at a time.

•  No more than two Capital Equipment (Carnegie Mellon asset) items can be signed out at a time.

•  The ETC reserves the right to grant exceptions to, alter definitions of, and exempt persons from any of the above rules for extenuating circumstances.

The Equipment Database and Loan System webpage

Using this website, one can view all the items for loan, their current availability. In addition, one can view what he or she has on loan currently and its overdue status, if any. The webpage is...